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                          Hangzhou Bolong Fluorine Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R & D, manufacture and sales of polyfluortetraethylene micro powder, and it is the sole domestic producer of uniform-variety polyfluortetraethylene in China. Adopting high quality raw materials and backed by renowned domestic research institutes, we are committed to the extension development of polyfluortetraethylene(PTFE) products. We have various products series with different specifications, which have been used in various industries home and abroad.

                          BL series polyfluortetraethylene(PTFE) submicro powder is a low molecular formula, white super-fine powder with excellent resistance to chemical, heat and weathering, good inadhesion, outstanding electrical insulating property, excellent fire resistance and self-lubricity and good dispersivity. They can greatly improve the service performances of base materials, and thus are widely used in petrochemical engineering, electric, transmission machinery, medical appliances, buildings, rubbers, textiles, automobiles, metallurgy and engineering plastics etc. 

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